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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Red Bull's Brand Association and Projective Technique

An interview was conducted with our respondents, and the use of free word association and projective technique was employed. Using the free word association technique, we gathered that Red Bull is mostly associated with energy and power. Though the use of the projective technique, respondents were also asked questions so as to help identify potential associations between brand image and the emotions they may have.

Results show that 90% of respondents think that Red Bull would be a guy with a sporty, strong, outgoing, fun-loving, risk taking and playful personality. The Red Bull guy is also likely to hang out at places such as a stadium, participating in sporting activities, and also participating in other sorts of extreme sports such as car-racing and surfing. At night, the Red Bull guy would definitely be hanging out in the vibrant nightlight hotspots, and be seen partying at clubs and bars.

When doing sports, the Red Bull guy would be wearing casual clothes such as sports attire or even be topless. But when it comes to the night, he would be decked out in smart-casual attire looking effortlessly chic and well groomed.

Based on our results, we found out that respondents tend to perceive Red Bull as a sports-related beverage. We seek to further test this hypothesis in our survey, and to also find out more about Red Bull’s likability and favorability as a brand.

Below is the personification of Red Bull based on the results collected from the respondents.

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