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Friday, 21 October 2011

Evaluation of Marketing Campaign


In terms of coverage, the Red Bull marketing campaign will generally reach our target group of tertiary students and working students aged between 18 to 35 years old. Amongst this age group, we will mainly attract people who are or wants to be fun, happening and risk-taking. Through the campaign, we will get in touch with the different targeted people in various locations through relevant touch points. For example the Radio advertisements will cater to students tuning in while studying and also young working adults on the road to work. The social media in the form of bloggers endorsements and online video will also be apt for people of our target age group who are constantly in touch with many social networks through the net. Flash mobs and free distribution of Red Bull drinks carried out in the Central Business District and tertiary institutions will also achieve wide coverage of Red Bull’s target market. The culmination of the campaign is a secret party for those who have been invited – a celebration for all Red Bull current and potential consumers.


With a targeted age group and type of crowd, the whole campaign is steered in a way to attract only these people. The campaign aims to induce more Red Bull consumption, specifically for students and working adults and also strengthen the associations Red Bull has, namely fun, happening and risk-taking. With the different tools used and the Red Bull party held at the end of the month-long campaign, the campaign hopes to close the tactical gaps identified.


The various communication tools used over the four weeks all aim to strengthen the associations of Red Bull’s usage occasion for study and work. The tools aims to encourage people to sign up for the Red Bull Secret Party because the idea of ‘partying’ is consistent with Red Bull’s intended brand image of fun, happening and risk-taking. Thus, the information conveyed through the various communication tools are consistent throughout.


In this campaign, we will be engaged in advertising, event sponsorship and public relations activities. All the tools used will be delivering the same message: Red Bull is a lifestyle drink for the fun, happening and risk-taking crowd. Radio advertisements will be complementing the event sponsorship, which is the “Red Bull Secret Party”. It adds to the hype and publicity of the event, which would contribute to its success and popularity. Thus, the various tools used all complement each other in creating desired consumer knowledge structures and ultimately help to close the tactical gaps.


The campaign will adopt the broad information provision strategy. All the independent tools used drive the same message of promoting Red Bull as a lifestyle drink, which consumers can consume during study and work. Furthermore, the various tools used and the “Red Bull Secret Party” also portrays Red Bull as a drink for the fun, happening and risk-taking crowd. Thus, the information provided through these channels are rich enough for consumers to interpret regardless of their prior knowledge of the brand.


The costs involved for the marketing campaign will be reasonable for the fact that Red Bull already has a high salience and reputation formed in the market. The campaign therefore, only aims to strengthen and widen the associations Red Bull already has. The bulk of the cost will be from the “Red Bull Secret Party” because it is a huge event to attract crowds and headlines all over Singapore.

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