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Friday, 21 October 2011

Marketing Communication Tools

TV Advertisements

Television advertisements are used because they allow a wide reach of our target audience. The advertisements would be featured during shows like “The X Factor US” and “Vocals of Arts” which relate to the cool, fun loving and risking taking crowd. Using Red Bull advertisements during shows like “The X Factor US” in Channel 5 and “Vocals of Arts” in Channel U will increase the exposure of Red Bull to our target audience. The advertisement would increase the brand’s breadth of awareness of Red Bull by showcasing how Red Bull can play a part in the lifestyles of study and work (see visuals below) which would reinforce our brand positioning as a lifestyle drink.

Stills for TV Ad for study usage situation

Stills for TV Ad for work usage situation

Radio Advertisement

Red Bull will collaborate with Singapore Radio Station 987FM to advertise “The Red Bull Secret Party” as they have the same target audience as Red Bull. In addition, 987FM is the most popular radio station in Singapore, with a weekly reach of 361,000. Furthermore, 987FM “R.S.V.P” events frequently hold parties in many popular clubs such as Zouk, Butter Factory with the popular DJs from the station. The events are in line with Red Bull’s brand personality which makes it a suitable platform to advertise the upcoming event, “The Red Bull Secret Party”. “The Red Bull Secret Party” aims to strengthen our brand personality: fun, cool and risk- taking. As the listeners of 987FM and Red Bull have similar target audience, consumers are able to associate and relate the 2 events together. The advertisement will emphasize that Red Bull is suitable to drink during work or study and create the hype and buzz for the Red Bull Secret Party.

Red Bull cans would be distributed in tertiary institutions and in the Central Business District at Raffles Place, to reach the target market of young adults. Distributors dressed in power suits would be stationed at Raffles Place to give out Red Bull cans to the working adults. For schools, the beverage would be distributed on campus in rooms where students go for their lessons or hang out at. This is to aid in the objective of enhancing the association of Red Bull with work and study as well as to increase the usage occasions of Red Bull at schools and in offices.

Additionally, all Red Bull cans would have a tag attached to it with instructions on how to go about getting invitations to the “The Red Bull Secret Party” party event of the year.

Details on can tags:

Red Bull is the drink that will take you from day to night! For maximum concentration and improved vigilance, Red Bull is the drink that will set you apart from your peers/colleagues and keep you focused on all your lessons/work. But you should not just spend all your time studying/working!

Find out how to get your exclusive invitation to the “The Red Bull Secret Party”

*Visit for more details. Terms & Conditions apply.*

Upon visiting the URL indicated on the can tag, consumers would have to key in their personal details to register for the chance to win an exclusive invite to the party event. Winners are selected on a random basis, and only a limited number of participants will be chosen as winners and be invited to the party event as guests.

However, even after being selected as winners and given the invitation to attend the party, participants will still not be informed of the party’s venue or who the featured performing artistes are. Specifically, all the information that will be released is the time and date of the party event, and the general description of who are the involved performing artistes and guests stars that are attending. The balance is in revealing enough information to entice the public and create considerable buzz, yet retaining enough secrecy so as to maintain that image of exclusivity, mystery and desire.

Tags on Red Bull cans for Student:
Tags on Red Bull cans for Student:

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs, in the form of dance routines, will be held at the Central Business District (CBD) and several tertiary institutes such as Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University. The flash mobs at CBD will involve performers doing dance routines which demonstrate work-related activities. On the other hand, the flash mobs at tertiary institutions will involve performers doing dance routines which demonstrate study-related activities. All flash mobs will include the consumption of the Red Bull drinks in the dance routines. Towards the end of each flash mob, free Red Bull drinks, attached with tags which contain instructions on how to get invitations to the “The Red Bull Secret Party”, will be distributed to the public.

The purpose of the flash mobs is to break through the advertisement clutter and capture the attention of consumers. As this flash mob is carried out at prime locations, it is able to reach out to a wide group of Red Bull’s target customers. In addition, the flash mobs would widen Red Bull’s breath of awareness through the strengthening of associations to the usage situations of work and study. The spontaneous performance by the performers would also strengthen associations to the user imageries of the cool, happening and risk-taking crowd. Another advantage of this flash mob is that it has the ability to generate publicity through media coverage and has the potential to go viral on the Internet. These would in turn allow Red Bull to reach out to a bigger group of it’s target consumers.

Online Media
As our target audience belongs to the Generation Y, they are more tech savvy and spend more time online, the use of online media for our advertisements would be important to reach out to them and remain relevant. In addition, the use of online media allows for more interactions with consumers.

Details of the “The Red Bull Secret Party” will be placed on Red Bull’s Facebook page. The commercials will also be posted on the Facebook Red Bull page which leads to an increase in word of mouth as fans can re-post and share the videos with their friends. To strengthen Red Bull’s awareness on their usage situations, Red Bull Facebook fans can upload a photo of themselves with a can of Red Bull at work or study or post on their status about Red Bull to Facebook and these entries will be entered into the competition automatically.

Only one winner will be randomly selected based on the post they sent, on the criteria that they portrayed Red Bull can be consumed at work or study. The winner will receive the invite to “The Red Bull Secret Party” and be rewarded with Red Bull’s merchandises worth up to $500. Furthermore, the winner would get exclusive backstage passes to meet the performing artistes. Similarly, the party’s venue and featured artistes would not be revealed to the winner.
Using Facebook helps Red Bull increase their social network presence. It also allows Red Bull to strengthen the usage occasions of work and study with consumers posting content related to this aspect on Facebook. The use of social media allows Red Bull to reach people throughout the world and entices people to buy Red Bull.

Simple sentences such as, “Can’t keep your eyes open because it’s too early for work or school? Have a Red Bull”, “Need to look energetic before meeting the client? Have a Red Bull” and “Fighting the after lunch sleep bug? Have a Red Bull” can be posted on twitter at different timings of the day to remind consumers of the occasions to drink Red Bull. The use of twitter will help to strengthen the associations of Red Bull as a lifestyle drink.


As our target audience uses the internet mostly for entertainment purposes and many
Singaporeans read blogs as a form of entertainment, celebrity bloggers have quite a significant numbers of fans which we can advertise to. In addition, like celebrities, bloggers are treated as role models and their fans would aspire to be like them. Therefore the bloggers selected need to be representative of Red Bull’s image and also have a large number of fans in order to generate wide reach. In addition, the lifestyle of the bloggers as portrayed from their blog content should be in line with the campaign’s theme and Red Bull’s brand image. For instance, Dawn Yang, who is a celebrity blogger, famous for partying hard, and Rozz, a well-known Deejay in Singapore who is known for her personality or Jayne, a student and part-time model, who has quite some fame in the modeling industry can be engaged to endorse for the Red Bull campaign. The bloggers would be required to blog on how Red Bull brings them through their day and nights. In addition, the bloggers would provide participation details of “The Red Bull Secret Party”. These bloggers would also receive invites to the “Red Bull Secret Party”, after which they can share the party on their blogs, allowing more people to be aware of the Red Bull campaign.

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